Are you and your partner looking to improve communication between you and help with ironing out any relationship concerns? Are you looking for a better way to communicate with your teenage children? Do you need support in managing any conflict at home or work?

I can help you work through infidelity/betrayals to help avoid separation or divorce. I can help you improve any important relationship in your life. It may be with your child or sibling, life partner or business partner, colleague or friend.

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Quality of Life

Our quality of life can often be defined by the value of our relationships. We desire the company of others and no matter what personality type we have, our quality of life is improved by experiencing positive, strong and long-lasting relationships.

Relationships can be satisfying, supportive, nurturing, loving, generous and much more but they can also be challenging, unsatisfying, dull, and even scary. There are many conflict situations that can, in time, be resolved through relationship counselling.

Are you struggling

We are all members of communities, neighbourhoods, families, school classes, work teams. We are sons, daughters, siblings, wives, husbands, grandparents, friends, business partners and colleagues.

Sometimes these relationships can hit a rocky road, but it does not always mean the end, sometimes it does, but not always. If you find that you are struggling within an important relationship to you, counselling can help to work through the challenge you are facing.