Are you feeling like life has become a struggle or that your “get up and go” has got up and gone? Are you finding yourself wanting to stay in bed all day and are hiding from life? Are you self-medicating with alcohol and/or drugs? Do you feel that nobody and nothing could ever make a difference, and it is the end of the world? Do not despair you are not alone in experiencing these feelings.

Depression is experienced by people from all walks of life and can strike us at any age. Depression can often be caused by historic events which may have altered the way you experience life and, in consequence this can lead to you creating certain thinking and emotional patterns that support that view and provide strategies for survival.

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The First Step

Depression is the UK’s most common form of mental illness and, unlike many physical illnesses that have precise features, symptoms of depression can be unique to everyone. Feeling down, having a low mood or suffering deep hopelessness and despair, could be terms used to express your depression but however you describe it, identifying that you are depressed and deciding to do something about it is the first and one of the biggest steps to clearing the fog and moving forward.