Anger – What is it

If you look in a dictionary they define this as “A Strong feeling of displeasure or hostility” ( accredited to
Anger or wrath as it can be referred to is an intense emotional state and it involves a strong uncomfortable emotion that could be related to some kind of hurt or threat. A person who experiences anger will experience some kind of physical emotions such as an increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and what can be described as an adrenaline rush.
Many people will or have experienced the feeling or sense of anger at some point in their lives the only difference is the severity of that feeling. Anger becomes a problem when the frequency or severity of it interferes with relationships, work performance and mental health.

Anger is a an emotion that can run off with a person’s mental and physical health, some people think holding onto it is the solution where others will just let rip to the detriment of others. Letting anger out doesn’t mean its gone forever it may never go but its important to understand the reasons of why you feel the anger.
Anger is considered a basic emotion but it doesn’t feel like that basic when experiencing it some people say that they see red and fly off into a rage and mist is another thing people say they see. Anger is associated or related to the “Fight or Flight” or in some circumstances “Freeze” mode you hear people talk about.

The fight part of that mode doesn’t mean you want to throw punches however you may feel like you want too depending on the circumstances and the Flight part doesn’t mean you want to take off and again you may wish to run and hide from the situation you are in at the time. These modes we all have is an automatic response our bodies make automatically and its designed to protect us from threat or danger for example if you hear the words “Look out” this would suggest some kind of threat or danger is about to occur. The body needs about 20 minutes to physically recover from this acute stress reaction, it can feel like an adrenaline rush. There is nothing to worry about if you experience this as I said before its an automatic reaction we all have in us.

What I would say is the next time you are feeling angry try and pause for a moment and check in with yourself and see if you can see the emotion/situation that’s driving the anger.
If you feel that you cant then talking it over with a friend and family member might help or you could seek out a local anger management group nearly all major cities have them or speak to a counsellor we are here to help.