Why Use a Professional Counsellor? – Guest Blogger

Modern life can be full of stress and pressure -it could be work, family, health, sexuality, relationships, bereavement, politics and more that is the root of your troubles. Counselling is highly encouraged to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and specific phobias before they take over your life. It’s never too early and never too late

Many people are too quick to dismiss the notion of seeking professional help to deal with certain matters. The idea of sitting in a counsellor’s office going through the chapters of your life may seem like a strange concept but anyone who is struggling with a personal concern can seek counselling. Professional counsellors listen with the intent to extract the source of your issues in a bid to help you deal with your issues better.

No issue is too big or too small to ask for support. Common issues that people seek counselling for include:

·       Bereavement and loss

·       Communication and relationships issues

·       Work and career issues

·       Stress, anxiety and depression

·       Life transitions such as the birth of a new baby, divorce or bereavement

·       Parenting

·       Addiction

·       Abuse

·       Trauma

·       Self-esteem difficulties

·       Exploring gender identity and/or sexuality.

David Hughes Counsellor

Is an extremely skilled counselling and mindfulness therapist based in The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester City Centre, working with clients covering various mental health and life issues. David qualified in 2010 and went on to complete a Mindfulness Diploma using influences of CBT.

David can help clients become more at peace with the questions and worries that they have or going through and enable them to explore their feelings in a confidential and none judgmental environment. By creating a safe environment this has allowed his clients to discuss issues that they have kept hidden for years.


If you have suffered a trauma and cannot stop pondering about it, make an appointment with David Hughes at the earliest opportunity, alternatively you could seek a therapist outside your home area if this makes you more comfortable.