Living with Anxiety – Guest Blogger


If you’re living with anxiety and you’re reading this, then you’re already making progress no matter how shit you’re feeling.

David has asked me to write this piece not to only help me, but to help you, the person reading this as well, because like it or not we’re all in this together and without giving each other a helping hand, quite frankly we’d all be fucked, more than likely shitting ourselves that we’re going mental (which we are definitely not). Anxiety is just you’re body being more alert and it’s a case of saying to your brain ‘just calm the fuck down dude everything’s sweet’. And I know it’s easier said than done but you’ve got to come up with little brain exercises to snap yourself back into reality, I’ll tell you mine shortly just keep on reading (you know you want to)

I’ve suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember, in subtle ways as a child right through to crippling panic attacks as an adult. It’s a hard pill to swallow but if you have anxiety it’s with you for life, and that thought is fucking terrifying, especially if you’re going through a rough patch and reading that. But it doesn’t stay hard forever, yes you are stuck with this cunt of a condition but you can’t let it control you. Because dealing with anxiety brings on a whole host of other problems like depression, confidence, suicidal thoughts, all that other unnecessary shit we don’t need on top of it. But they can be dealt with a hell of a lot easier.

Imagine your brain is your favourite bar or nightclub and you and all your favourite people are there, friends, family, colleagues and idols, just everyone that you enjoy and you’re all having a great time because life is a great time. But if you’re there then so is anxiety because it’s a part of you, it’s just a case of dealing with it. Anxiety doesn’t turn up to the club on its own it comes with a whole guestlist, like depression and agoraphobia and all that bullshit. So you have to act as the bouncer and say you lot aren’t coming in, anxiety can stay because they can be dealt with but if you lot come in as well then it all goes to shit. So, send them away and don’t let them in.

Get anxiety a drink and sit it in the corner on its own not making a fuss, let the good times drown it out whilst you’re having a good time and every now and then it’ll get to big for its boots and start kicking up a fuss at not being in control but you have to just sit it right back down and shut it up because it’s not going to ruin the party.

It’s a weird way of putting it but to me it makes sense and if it helps you reading this then I’m more than happy. It’s fucking easy to let it eat you up, but life is a graft and we’re here to enjoy that party.

Don’t let it define you.