Something different…

Today I sat in Starbucks around the corner from my practice listening to Barbara Streisand and I couldn’t help but feel that there were some subliminal messages being sent to me – “Ounce by ounce puts it together” and “having a good foundation helps” and “building up the image” – what is she trying to tell me?

Then I realise, how can you grow in business and life without strong foundations or roots?  Its so easy to go off on tangents and get easily distracted. Its about setting the goal and sticking to it, yes you may deviate from the path, but the goal can still be in sight. I have a few goals both in my private life and within my practice and there’s a few goals that cross into both.

I want to share with you a personal goal, as goals for my practice won’t be relevant.

One of my first goals is: I want to lose weight and I am now in a position to complete this as a year ago I suffered a stroke very unexpectedly.  I was at home and had just finished a telephone consultation with a client and it happened out of nowhere – I was scared but I knew I wasn’t right. After I came round I went to the walk in center and from there to hospital – I was there till 10pm they diagnosed me with having a stoke; luckily we caught it and the following Monday I was in a stroke clinic bearing in mind the stroke happened on a Friday. I feel I have had every test going from MRI on the brain – the results from this turned out I had about 7 silent ones in the past. I’ve had the veins in my neck scanned, I’ve had dye in my blood stream and saline around my heart and various blood tests done so I felt like I was given a full MOT. The results of it all is I have small hole in my heart; I have a blood condition called Antiphospholipid Syndrome or Hughes Syndrome and I have to take warfarin for that. I have high cholesterol and a high resting heart rate. So, I am a walking disaster or maybe not…

So, after a year of me asking (more like mithering) I have finally been cleared by the doctors to lose some weight, so I have joined a Gym and got a personal instructor who I see once a week and I have had 2 sessions so far and I am already dead!!!!

I have a set goal of weight I want to lose and that’s 3 stone, so I am watching my diet and counting those bleeding calories… I have the motivation as I have a vision of how I want to look and feel and the pain I am experiencing after the session is driving me to do more; yes, I must have gone mad or insane to like the pain I have been put in. The energy I have after the session with my PT and on my own is immense and its true what that say exercise is great for mental health, so I highly recommend anyone thinking of starting, to just grab the bull by the horns and do it. To help me along with the weight loss programme I have signed up for a 10K midnight walk for St Ann’s Hospice at the end of April. Here is my link to my fund raising page

Goal setting is pretty easy but you need to establish the reasons why this specific goal, which can be the hard part and it’s those reasons that are the foundation:  in my case I want to look and feel better about me and now that I have the green light, I am grabbing the bull by the horns so lets see what happens next. I have learnt with what’s happened to me is never take anything for granted and enjoy it all.

So, if you feel you need help with laying your own foundations, then drop me a message and we can take it from there