Have your cake and eat it too

Having your cake and eating it……


I was in a session the other day and the client referred to their situation as having cake and eating it and I pondered for a while regarding this statement and asked myself could counselling be deemed as that for the client? Could it be that the client is in a situation and having treatment could that be deemed as having your cake and eating too?

I have asked myself “Who and what is the CAKE”

Could we be deemed as slices that make up the cake with all the knowledge and experience we possess and the client wants a piece of that could it be that they feel better having a slice of cake with a cup of tea or coffee and they see the service that we provide as counsellors as that cake? Some people might think cake is bad for you and that’s why some people may not seek help as they think it could make them worse? It’s a thought to ponder on and I have for days if not weeks as I started to write this blog and then left it and come back to it a few times and I still haven’t got the answer apart from I like cake 😊

I know we all have knowledge and experience to deal with what the client brings to the therapy room but in hindsight do they? Could we all be missing a piece of the cake too and are getting lost in the here and now rather than focussing on the filling of the cake – again what’s the filling?

Question is therapy a slice of cake?

Answer could be that its an answer to a problem or are we the icing on the cake?

It’s an interesting concept to thing of us as cakes full of slices as the situations we come across are all different in make up but the same.