The Counselling Room

Why do people feel daunted in participating in counselling?
I get asked this a lot by friends and family and I say it’s for various of reasons which it is and they turn around and say I couldn’t talk to a complete stranger about my problems or I would feel embarrassed by doing that.
This got me thinking is this a common trait in our society?
I suppose what I am really trying to understand is why people don’t want counselling?
A question I often ask is “are people scared” to those people I say what are you scared off counsellors are people and we are not some scary monster that lurks behind a closed door. May be you feel frighten and that’s a good emotion to feel and yes we may unearth feelings that you have held onto for years and would it be that bad to talk about them knowing that you are in a safe and secure environment the benefits of letting go are overwhelming and potentially life changing.
What is your perception of the Counsellor and counselling; could it be that we all have black leather reclining couches and a clip board or maybe they are in white coats and within minutes you have been labelled with a condition that you don’t want to speak about.
Counsellors are not here to diagnose we are not doctors within the medical profession we are here to help with feelings and concerns about those feelings and help you see through the mist that these feelings and thoughts are causing.
The Counselling Room is safe and secure and totally confidential between you and the counsellor so you have no worries of feeling you are being judged or betrayed in world outside the room potentially you are or have been.
If you scared of entering into counselling and talking about your needs and concerns if so why? Have you thought that a course of counselling could be the start you have been looking for to get you back on track to being you again.