Depression What’s all the fuss about

Guys it’s been a while and I have been thinking about to write so after some searching I decided to write blogs about illnesses I can help with. The most common one is depression, unlike the 70’s there is no more stigma surrounding this check out the young royals would you have thought that they would go on national television and bear the souls such an inspiration. Some people see depression as a condition rather than an illness I see it as an illness that can affect anyone at any time in life and it has no discrimination on gender, whether you’re gay, trans, straight or non-binary, religion or ethnicity and when it hits it’s horrible. Doctors generally tell you to come back in 2 weeks or 10 days seem to be a time scale I have heard with some of my clients as if it’s going to go away in that time frame. Then after the time has passed and you go back feeling no better they give you some pills to pop – are these the only answer I say not; and I would say that as I am a Counsellor and looking for your business but I can tell you it does help talking about how you feel to anyone a close friend, your partner even your boss at work can help. Just talking about how you feel helps and you’re not alone there are some great help self-groups on Facebook and the charity Mind have a lot of self-help resources. If you have a smartphone I suggest downloading the app “Headspace” it’s a great app and I have recommended this to my clients. So, what is depression if you look in the Oxford dictionary it defines this as “Feelings of severe despondency and dejection. ‘self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression” – what’s that all about you ask I suppose its society trying to put it into words but there are many words that can describe how you feel and not necessary the usual words. So how do you really feel – trapped, alone, sad, lost, confused, angry, anxious, stupid, emotional, there are more that I could list but it will amount to the same. You feel that no one will understand and I must tell you they will and my advice would be don’t sit there in silence as it’s not going to go away on its own.