What is Anxiety………
It is a mental and physical reaction to perceived threats. In small doses, anxiety is helpful. It protects us from danger, and focuses our attention on problems. But when anxiety is too severe, or occurs too frequently, it can become debilitating
Some symptoms of Anxiety are uncontrollable worry ,excessive nervousness, sleep problems, muscle tension, poor concentration ,increased heart rate , upset stomach and avoidance of fear; so how can you combat this there are a number of ways and a couple are set out below
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) CBT is a very effective treatment for anxiety. During CBT, the unhealthy thinking patterns that create to anxiety are identified, and challenged. Oftentimes, CBT will also include components of exposure therapy
and relaxation skills.
Relaxation Skills such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness—provide immediate relief from the symptoms of anxiety. With practice, relaxation skills will become a powerful way to manage anxiety in the moment.
Medication can help control the uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety. However, because medication does not fix the underlying problems of anxiety, it is typically used in conjunction with therapy. The need for medication varies greatly, case-by-case
Anxiety can grow and it drives people to avoid the things that scare them. When a “scary” thing is avoided, there is an immediate but short-lived sense of relief. However, the next time a similar threat arises, it feels even scarier. This creates a harmful cycle of avoidance, and worsening anxiety
My best advice if you feel or experience the above is seek help either from a doctor or therapist.